Kat’s Story: Who is this Guido Character?!

Our Health Co-op’s mascot is a “kat” named Guido. Guido has been a beloved fixture of the Co-op since the very beginning, and Guido is the author of the Co-op’s weekly newsletters.

We’ve done two big surveys and members consistently say “keep the kat,” that life is too short and humor is always more than welcome.

The “kat” writes in a slightly irreverent style, emphasizing the latest health science along with product and member news items.  Guido gets to opine on the idiosyncrasies of “the humans” and can be philosophical at times.

And, we do have to note that Guido will on occasion sigh prolifically when others grab the spotlight, notably our physician and pharmacist friends, but also those dreaded canines.

Members write to Guido, often playing along with the kat humor.  The kat, not being a modest character, has come to expect lots of adulation and fan mail and will always write back to pen pals.

If you would like to send Guido a note, a comment or pictures of your favorite pet, send an email to: guido@ourhealthcoop.com.